A Path To Happiness- New Year 2019!

As I reflect on the roller coaster of a ride 2018 was from the darkest of nights to the nitty gritty, raw but powerful moments with friends and family my heart can't help but wonder what will 2019 bring?! I always love to preface the new year with a question for myself...That question this year is: Do you truly want to be happy? It is not only a question for myself but for others who are on this journey of self discovery and self elevation. Such a simple question I know and automatically all of us respond with a knee jerk reaction of "Yes! of course I want to be happy!" so with that realization in mind let's take a little journey down the path of what it means to find true happiness, at least from where I sit...

Most people like to think of the path of happiness to have butterflies and rainbows, where the sun is always shining and there are no dark roads to walk down alone...but I'm here to tell you and after 2018 I'm sure most of us realize that just isn't the case. The road to happiness can at times be a path that seems to have no light at all. It is a path that feels like a hole we can't get out of if we are truly uncovering truths about ourselves that will bring about lasting transformation. The path to true happiness is one to be taken, dare I say it, alone! "But I don't like being alone. I've never been alone in my life." Does this sound like you or anyone you know? Yes its basically all of us on some level. No one likes to be alone but for true joy to rise up from a soul level we have to create the space for it to explore and grow. True happiness is a seed that stems from a deep, dark place that most of us don't even realize exists because we don't allow ourselves to journey there by ourselves. Oh but we must. We go through life on autopilot, thinking this or that makes us happy because its what society tells us should be true. We are afraid of confronting our own shadows but it is precisely those shadows that water the seeds of happiness and give them the life they need to flourish. In 2019 dare to ask yourself if what you are doing, who you surround yourself with is really what makes your soul happy? Surely I will be asking myself the same simple but hard questions. As someone who has been on this self discovery journey for over a decade I can tell you it won't always feel good. In fact it will feel completely foreign and wrong to release things that aren't serving your highest good but do it anyway! It's going to take a delicate balance of letting go and holding on to things that may or may not be bringing you closer to true joy. That is for you to determine and you alone. If we want to understand what truly makes us happy we must be willing to do the work it takes to figure it all out without anyone else's opinions interfering. Sure there will still be people there with you to support you but for the most part it is a solo journey.

So how do we start such a journey? What are the things we can do the assist ourselves on this journey? There are many practical ways to assist ourselves through this journey of the soul. To begin let's discuss how Crystals can assist. When working with crystals our minds and hearts need to be completely open for us to receive the maximum amount of beneficial information for our soul's growth. Crystals will assist you by eliminating thoughts patterns that no longer serve, protecting your energy field, helping you set boundaries, helping you heal trauma, helping you open up to higher states of awareness, the limit to what crystals can assist you with is infinite. Put it this way, if there is an obstacle you need to overcome on your path to happiness, there is a crystal that can assist you! (For more into and to personalize visit my "Get To Know Your Crystals" page.) But besides Crystals there are other ways to peel the layers until you reach your place of happiness. I will outline a few of the things I've implemented into my life to keep myself on this journey to joy. They will seem so simply put but much easier said than done. Please understand that these steps are outlined in an order to follow but once you've moved through them they will at times be working simultaneously as well. Most importantly trust your own guidance.

Journey To Joy

Step 1: Confront ALL of your fears and insecurities. Do this on a sheet of paper. This may sound daunting but its a necessary first step.

Reason- We confront and write down all of our fears to make them easier to see them for what they really are. And what they really are is thoughts, that's it. Writing them down channels the energy out of the hands and onto the paper and gets it out of the head and heart. We write with wild abandon and allow all of our fears and insecurities to pour out.

You might feel a sense of relief just by doing this by itself and we do this to integrate all the pieces of ourselves into one whole being eventually. If we disregard any piece of ourselves in this process we won't have the full experience of Joy. Do not shame or minimize any piece of yourself I don't care how insignificant it might seem to be.

This is a process so take your time with this first step, being thorough is important. If strong emotions come up about certain experiences you've had, write those down as well and look for the underlying fear or insecurity behind it.

It is no longer serving us to deny these aspects of ourselves. Be brave.

Step 2: Call out your triggers. When fears and insecurities rise up again 1) feel them first/identify the fear 2) call them out/identify the core and 3) change the thought pattern/empower yourself.

If something triggers you be willing to explore deeper, try not to put it off for another time but address it in that moment I don't care how inconvenient it seems. Take a minute. This shows your soul that you are honoring where it's at in the moment and that it's important enough for your time. Amazing for self empowerment! Allow yourself to fully but briefly feel the emotion behind the fear or insecurity and then get to the root cause of the fear or insecurity. Once you have done that then its time to work on changing the thought pattern.

For example: Fear- I am afraid of death= Core- I am afraid of the unknown Empowerment- I embrace the unknown, I trust. Fear- I am fearful of failure = Core- I want to feel loved and accepted to others Empowerment- I love and accept myself. Fear- I am afraid of losing my partner to Core- I am afraid of being alone to Empowerment- I am capable of being on my own if need be. Etc. You get my drift.

Reason- We do this to rewire the mind. It will be an ongoing process but stay mindful and once felt, then identified, change the thought pattern. There might be times when a particular fear or insecurity warrants deeper digging and for that use your journal and explore why this fear or insecurity seems to rule your life. Again focusing on the core issue of it.

Sidenote: Fears and insecurities will go way back to childhood so don't be afraid to explore that as well, with or without a trained professional, you will know if you need outside help. For the most part trust yourself during this entire process.

Step 3: Move your body regularly. Take up an exercise class, do yoga, go for walks, dance.

Reason- We do this to move the energy in the body that might be stuck during these transitions. Sometimes a particular trauma or experience gets lodged somewhere in the body and we need to shake that out literally! Exercise is a great way to do that. Yoga is really beneficial since it also incorporates breath work. Move your body on a regular basis and especially in times when you feel overwhelmed by any fear or insecurity! This helps the energy move and not get stuck in the body,

Step 4: Play! Go back to childhood and remember a time where you were extremely happy doing something. Write these activities down. Maybe its a memory of swimming in the pool, drawing, dancing, horseback riding but whatever it is remember yourself as that child loving that particular activity. Then go do that activity! Try to implement your favorite childhood activity into your life more often, whenever you can.

Reason- We do this to merge with our inner child who tends to get lost in our adult minds. By doing this we immerse ourselves in who we were as a child before society told us who it wanted us to be. This will help realign you with what true happiness means to you on a soul level. In order to find the joy we seek our imaginations must be free to explore, free to wander and free to just be. Make sure you allow time for your inner child to play often!

*This is also a wonderful time to find a friend to play with you as well. We all have those friends we can be ourselves completely with and our inner child comes out. Find those people and allow your inner child free range when in their company. It will be healing for everyone.

Sidenote: If fears or insecurities come back up for you during this time, repeat step 1-3.

Step 5: Make changes to honor your health and happiness. Once you've allowed yourself to truly feel happy and free playing in the realm of your inner child, hold onto that feeling and allow it to be a prominent guide to your choices in everyday life. Don't misinterpret what I'm saying here, I don't mean act like a child when it comes to responsibilities but instead be child-like. Use your imagination, think outside the box, be flexible, be light, laugh, have fun. For example: If you don't feel free in a certain conversation, find a way to not have those unhealthy conversations anymore. If you don't feel happy and joyful around certain people, fade those people out of your life and find people who you feel happy and joyful around. It's quite simple really, we all know what we need to do to let go of energy that is draining to us. In this Step give yourself the permission to do that! This is the trickiest part and the part where most people don't see it through. At this time a lot of obligation to others might come up, the shame, guilt, remorse, etc can be really challenging to move through but understand that in order to find true happiness it requires a bit of sacrifice. The question you need to ask yourself is are you willing to sacrifice your soul's happiness for others happiness? If the answer is yes, then you know you are not ready yet and if the answer is no then do what you need to do to let go of people, thoughts and things that are no longer bringing you closer to your joy. Understand that like I said before this is a tricky process and you'll need to determine if those people, thoughts and things are worth holding onto or not. Nothing is so black and white. There will be challenges for you at this time but it is up to you to determine their importance in your life.

Reason- We do this step with vigilance, one choice at a time, one change at a time, its a process but we do it to completely change the structure of our lives and realign ourselves with the things that make us feel truly happy and free. Once we start this process we will realize that our energetic body doesn't have the capacity to hold the things that don't make us happy for long anymore and from this point on we begin to notice the different people we attract into our lives, the new opportunities for growth and change but most importantly we begin to feel the emotion of pure joy running through our veins. At times this feeling will be intense but we must breathe into it, embrace this new feeling in our bodies and keep moving forward in the direction of our Joy.

In 2019 we will find true happiness, we are willing to do the work it takes to make this a reality for ourselves on a personal and global level and we are ready to know what it feels like to live in a world where everyone contributes their own unique style to the whole without the need to copy or fake their truth and happiness. Imagine in 2019 we can transform our minds into a world of inner peace and tranquility if we only believe in ourselves and the courage all of us possess. So dare to ask yourself this one thing in the coming year....Do I have what it takes to truly be happy? I know that I do. Who's coming with me?!

Wishing you a Happy New Year and a wonderful journey on your path of happiness in 2019!!

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