Black Crystals To The Rescue!

Our world is moving through a dark night of the soul, a ferocious storm that's been brewing for centuries....The battle between light and dark is upon us. From shadow aspects of religion and governments being exposed to our own personal demons rising up to the surface to be dealt with and transformed once and for all. Some people are projecting their unresolved shadow aspects and others are just checking out, seemingly oblivious to it all because it cuts so deep.

Regardless of how people are coping with this massive transformation we are all moving through this period of deep introspection together. Yes, there are days when its penetrating to our core, other days when we feel prepared for this time and surrender to its lessons and then there are days when we're struggling to stay afloat. While we might move through life just like any other day we still carry with us this unwavering feeling that something just isn't right. And its not.

It doesn't take much to notice the upheaval in society right now. There is this oppressive need to broadcast it all over television and social media with this underlying tone of fear, fear and more fear. Could this be affecting us? Absolutely! It's when fear takes ahold that it throws our Root Chakra out of balance. Most of us live in a constant state of fear that we don't even know what life is like without it. The Root Chakra when balanced keeps us feeling secure in our world, connected to earth energy and supported, rooted into reality, stable, strong and sure of our ability to manage the storms of life. With everything going on right now in our world a lot of us might be feeling a bit un-grounded, unsafe and unsure of what's to come or in our ability to move through it gracefully. It's okay, you're not alone in this. The majority of people who are paying attention are feeling this way. So what simple things can we do at this time to help ourselves? In my experience it's in storms like these when Black Crystals come to the rescue!!! First thing to know about these magical little beings is their ability to ground our energy, help us feel safe and deflect negativity. Need I say more? Ok I will anyway...

Onyx for example is a stone that assists in releasing negative emotions like anxiety and fear. It protects you during crisis and is known to protect against negative energy. It's a soothing stone especially during times of emotional turmoil, whether its yours or someone else's. Onyx also assists in making wise decisions, self-confidence, centering, grounding, stamina and releases grief. It's a protective stone for dark nights and lonely places and facilitates being the master of your destiny. Heals past life traumas. It purifies your energy field. By wearing Onyx and focusing your intention on releasing your own fears, anxieties, shadow aspects, past life traumas etc you would be contributing to raising the vibration of the entire planet.

Another black crystal to be aware of is Black Jasper- A highly protective stone it wards off threats and evil curses of any kind. It's a nurturing stone for the Root Chakra and it helps when you might be feeling spaced out. It's in the jasper family which makes it nurturing to the wearer and can be used for reaching deeper states of consciousness and connecting to Earth energy. This is an amazing stone to use right now if you are more Earth conscious and want to connect to the support and nurture our planet has to offer but also if you want to nurture the planet herself. Again using this crystal with your intention clear and being ready to adjust accordingly.

My favorite black crystals to know about is: Black Tourmaline-this crystal has the ability to ground energy, protect from negativity and block psychic attack. This is the big boy when it comes to purifying energy and it has the ability to transform and cleanse dense energy into a higher, lighter vibration. It also has the ability to change the wearers negative thoughts and inner conflicts into usable positive energy. It's electrical in nature and can protect from radiation or environmental pollutants. This stone helps you confront your deepest fears and protect you while you explore those dark hallways. It neutralizes thought patterns that no longer serve your highest good. Black Tourmaline helps to calm emotions like anxiety, fear and stress and returns your energy back to a stable place.

Customize Your Own Black Tourmaline

With the assistance of these 3 black crystals particularly right now, I'm confident that we can all rise above the darkness that is trying to make itself comfortable here. When we connect to the energy of these crystals and make it our daily reprieve to live in a way that brings about deep transformation within ourselves and embrace our shadow side in a way that no longer frightens us, then we will taste the sweetness that comes from this planetary initiation. We'll move into a higher vibration of love, peace and equality but not before we purge first. So when you find yourself a victim of someone's unconscious projections just remind yourself that you too have your own demons to slay. We are all in this together and no matter how dark it gets there is always, always light at the end of the tunnel. Stay connected. Reach out to each other. Talk about what scares you, what fuels your own darkness, expose it and then love it back to light. This is bigger than US and we can't afford to forget this right now. We're all in this together. Love, Light & Crystals to you!

To learn more about how to connect with & cleanse your crystal bracelets please check out my blog: Cleansing Your Crystal Bracelets.

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