Working with Summer Solstice Energy

Summer solstice

If you're anything like me, you get excited with the changing of the seasons. Perhaps there's a deeper meaning for this? For me being in tune with the Earth's cycles helps me stay in tune with myself. Summer Solstice or summer is a time when the sun it at it's peak, the days are longer and the sun seems to stand still. As we move through these sunny days we might even notice that our physical bodies have more energy, we want to move more and keep our energy flowing freely. We might realize there is a theme that presents itself to our consciousness. This theme of Light, bringing light to all aspects of ourselves especially the shadows. Summer Solstice has been celebrated all over the world for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years for its power to bring light and as a result, life into living things. There are many ways to honor this magical day (June 21) reconnect with the planet and give thanks for the abundance we enjoy. Personally I like to think of the energy of a Phoenix to call in Summer Solstice Energy. A phoenix is a fiery bird that rises from the ashes of itself, reborn into a new chapter of it's life, free to be itself completely, no apologies.This is the energy of the Summer Solstice. If you let the phoenix guide you, it can assists you in the burning away of all that doesn't serve you and teach you to stand in your own light with grace and divine power.

Obviously we can't discuss the Summer Solstice without discussing the crystals that go along with this energy. There are two crystals that merge perfectly with the energy directing the Summer Solstice. If you'd like, clear your mind and take a moment to think of summer it makes you feel? the smells? the sounds? the colors? Now imagine one color that means summer for you. Was the color yellow? A lot of us will think of the sun, the color yellow, happiness, brightness. The color yellow also coincides with the Solar Plexus Chakra and this chakra is in fact our Inner Sun. Are you beginning to see how it's all connected yet? The Solar Plexus Chakra is responsible for our personal power, our inner strength, who we are without all the labels, who we are in relationships, etc. This chakra is one of my favorites to work with, the power that comes from this energy center is heat producing and strong just like the sun in our skies. The crystals that work in harmony with this fiery energy are Tiger's Eye and Citrine, two very powerful crystals of manifestation, creativity, focus and abundance.

Tiger's Eye

So can wearing these crystals help us manifest abundance? Yes! First let's break down the crystals themselves. Tiger's Eye (pictured to the left) is a powerful crystal for Focus and Inner Strength. We use this crystal for our Leo Crystal Bracelet for reasons you will soon find obvious. Take a moment and allow yourself to think of a Tiger, its strength, it's power and the calculated focus it takes for it to hunt down and catch it's prey. Now imagine that tiger, the biggest cat in the world, running full force towards it's desire/prey, feel intimidated??? Good. That's the power of Tiger's Eye. Nothing can stop you when you're charged up with Tiger's Eye crystals provided you set a clear intention with your crystal bracelet once you attain it. Tiger's Eye also draws spiritual energies to the Earth, connecting the esoteric realm with the earthly realm. It helps one focus on the task at hand and work through internal conflicts. Eases depression by reminding you of your ability to take full responsibility for your life and choices. It frees you to be powerful, feel powerful and helps you change your perspective if that's what you need to achieve power. This crystal is a perfect crystal for working with Summer Solstice Energy!

And while Tiger's Eye is good at helping you maintain your focus of manifestation, Citrine on the other hand will infuse that intention with creativity and abundance. It's helpful at attracting abundance to you when you're in the throws of manifesting something that has an underlying meaning of joy to you. When we focus on what makes us happy, we gain motivation and determination to make it come to reality. Citrine is that extra push into the world of desire on all levels. Whether you are looking to create a successful business or creative venture, Citrine is the crystal you want on your side. It dispels any negativity since it can't maintain that lower vibration and activates the solar plexus, sacral and third eye chakras. It can help you create a clear plan in accomplishing your goals. On an emotional level it's brilliant at easing depression since it has the ability to elevate the mood and keep the wearer connected to what makes feel joyful. It boosts your self esteem, self confidence and can transform thought patterns that don't serve you anymore. Make sure you are clear on what you're trying to manifest with Citrine otherwise you can have a lot of things flowing to you at once with no real direction which can feel overwhelming. When our intentions are clear and of the highest good this crystal has the power to make miracles happen when it comes to abundance and success.

Both of these crystals speak to the energy of Summer Solstice beautifully and will help you communicate with the universe what you want to attract and receive. Because summer is a time of exposing our shadow side so that it can be transformed into something of a higher vibration make sure you are aware of your thoughts and actions during times of manifestation. Crystals will show us pieces of ourselves that still need healing and transformation in order to raise our frequency to a level where we can accept all of the abundance we deserve. Be brave on your journey into yourself. Face your fears, confront your darkness and then like the Phoenix burn away all that doesn't serve you anymore and rise above it to your place of personal power and freedom. Summer Solstice Energy has much to teach us and when we move the way our soul moves its bound to have results that are greater than anything we could ever imagine. Shine your light for the world to see, don't dim your inner sun for the comfort of others and be a wonderful example for others around you who want to taste true happiness and joy in their own lives. Summer Solstice Blessings To You!!!

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