Kids Need Crystals Too!

They say necessity is the mother of invention and that couldn't be more true when it comes to children and crystals. Truth be told this whole Heavenly Bracelet Shop adventure began when my daughter, 5 at the time, was having issues standing up for herself in school. I created a Sodalite crystal bracelet for her and told her in simple terms what it can help her accomplish: help her speak her truth and believe in herself, help her set boundaries, etc. The rest is history, since then HBS has become a source of personalized crystal bracelets for young and old alike and I'm thankful for the ability to listen to my intuition when it came to my daughter. Crystals are a natural solution to empower people of any age, its always my first remedy when dealing with my daughter on any level. So far the results have been incredible.

Children have a natural affinity towards earthly things: rocks, crystals, sticks, sand, dirt and leaves. They are innately drawn to the healing properties of our loving Mother Earth's energy even if they don't really know why. The beautiful part is they don't even really need to know why when they immerse themselves in these things regularly. We can learn a lot from children. Their ability to believe in natural magic and their own imagination is one lesson they can teach us, along with being connected to their physical and emotional bodies. Children are amazing little beings born untainted from the world's system of beliefs/rules. Staying child-like ourselves is quite the challenge as we grow into adulthood and start to observe and internalize the many different rules and systems in place. It's necessary we nurture our child's imagination and creativity while they're young and even as they grow into adulthood themselves. There's no limit to what creative, playful minds can do. This idea is what our kids crystal bracelets are based on.

There are many different challenges children face nowadays that are different from what some of us faced growing up. One way to reassure them and help them believe in their ability is to teach them the magic of crystals. They will help instill in them a belief in something greater than themselves and at the same time help them achieve self confidence and self awareness, granted we take the time to explain it to them in simple terms. There is a crystal for everything and no matter what challenge your child faces, a crystal is just waiting to help. Because kids are of the purest energy and live from their hearts, they give crystals the perfect environment to thrive and bring healing and lessons into their little worlds. We can't always be there to hold their hand, even though we want to be, but when they face a difficulty or challenge we can give them the tools needed to learn and grow from that experience.

Kids Protection Crystal Bracelet

Heavenly Bracelet Shop creates personalized crystal bracelets specific for your child and pairs it with a cute charm that carries meaning for your child. For example: You have a soccer player, we can put a soccer ball charm on there. Does your child love animals? We can put a dog or cat on their bracelet. Just as our crystals are personal to us, it is the same with our kids. They are little human beings trying to navigate through this life just as we are and having a crystal bracelet that carries a loving vibration on their wrist definitely can't hurt. Whatever challenge your child is facing from the most traumatic or life altering event to being too hyper or having nightmares, we've got a crystal bracelet for them!

Kids Focus Crystal Bracelet

Imagine a world where our children are taught at a young age to believe in themselves and a loving source greater than themselves, our Mother Earth. This has the potential to carry them through the difficult times throughout their lives. Crystals emit nurture, love and protection that all of us can use from time to time, we don't need to understand how they work or why they work but just believe, like children do, in the magic of Nature.

All of our kids crystal bracelets are Reiki Infused and energetically cleansed, just like our adult bracelets. We hope you find what you're looking for in our Kids Crystal Bracelets Collection and if you want to personalize something please don't hesitate to contact us so we can design something specific for your child

Love, light and crystals to you and your little being(s).

To See Our Kids Crystal Bracelet Collection, click here.

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