Earth Day Magic!

It all started with a rainy morning. It was beautifully overcast when I woke up to prepare for the Earth Day Event! I was excited but a part of me wondered if we'd get rained out, eh oh well, a little rain won't hurt my crystal bracelets, I told myself as I proceeded to get it together and pack up the car. Always trusting the universe and it's natural rhythms is how I choose to live.

As I drove my mind began to drift towards remedies to help get our planet back in harmony or rather get ourselves back in harmony with the planet. As the rain fell so did I for a brief moment as I became overwhelmed at the amount of work and dedication it's going to take to fix this mess we've created. Allowing myself to feel the depth of that experience I drove toward Fort Lauderdale. Something happens when it rains, it turns me inward and forces me to surrender to my emotions. Over time I've learned not to fight it. Today is no different and has a deeper tone as I examine the idea behind Earth Day.

As I made my way over the draw bridge a question kept ringing in my head: So what does Heavenly Bracelet Shop offer Earth Day? As if patronizing myself, it kept asking until I came up with an answer. We were asked to be a vendor at this event because we'd fit perfectly, is what I was told. How does creating Reiki infused crystal bracelets benefit our planet? There are many perspectives depending on who you ask. My intention with creating crystal bracelets for everyone is to help people reconnect with the earth magic that exists all around and within us. If you've ever experienced Heavenly Bracelet Shop in person you know the love and connection I have with each and every one of the crystal bracelets I create. There is a love and a respect for each and every crystal bead I string on. My process once they are completed is to infuse them with Reiki and give thanks and admiration for their beauty and healing. That is what we have to offer. A re-calibration of how the energy has been exchanged between humans and these beautiful little crystals in recent history. The honor and respect for crystals has been lost on the majority, the healing properties behind each crystal bead has been taken for granted and not utilized properly so by reminding my customers of their natural power and how to bond with them people show respect to the Earth and her power. They show an interest in getting to know the powers that are held in her womb that she so graciously shares with us. When we reconnect, respect, honor and treat these tiny crystal pieces of our planet with love, the message gets back to our Great Mother, who is in fact a living, breathing entity herself. It sends the message that we are ready to embrace the magic she has always had to offer, that we are ready to heal the parts of us that have kept us from becoming our true selves and since we are made and birthed within her, it shows her energetically that we love and care for her and ourselves and that we really do appreciate her gifts. This is one thing Heavenly Bracelet Shop has to offer.

As the day pressed on, the rain began to clear up, leaving perfect overcast weather with the peek of the sun every now and again. At one point I had a bunch of people under my tent, I was telling them about the crystal, Dumorterite, which is a stone to assist in developing and amplifying your natural psychic abilities. When used it can help one speak up for themselves, hear the thoughts of others or messages from the Divine. It can help to increase your level of patience with yourself as you move through change and is a facilitator for a large degree of it, when you don't resist the change it creates it can bring wonderful gifts into your life. A powerful crystal for anything that calls for extended intellectual focus and assists in self mastery. This is a powerful crystal, one of my newbies and a favorite for big change in ones life. As we discussed the properties of this crystal, seemingly out of nowhere my entire tent lifted off the ground and toppled onto the grass behind us!!! Luckily no one was hit and myself and the customers were left dumbfounded by what happened. No one else had weights on their tents either, it wasn't even all that windy. We came to the conclusion that it must've been the energy circulating in the tent and the wind combined. That's the only sense we could make of it. Obviously we weighed it down after that just encase it was going to happen again.

This is a clear example of the power of crystals and how they can amplify other natural elements. In this instance the wind, the numerous reiki infused crystals on my display and the energy behind the conversations we were having spiked and lifted the tent right up! It was a definite, you had to be there, moment. Everyone at our tent was in awe, it took a moment to recenter after that experience but my customers left amazed. I can't explain how instances like this happen but I do believe it is a combination of alot of energies at play.

It was Earth Day magic at play! And it was a clear reminder of the power of the unseen energies in our world. Perhaps someone at our tent needed to witness that? Perhaps the crystals at our tent picked up on something and amplified it? I don't know but what I do know is respecting, loving and honoring these natural elements is what Heavenly Bracelet Shop is all about. Without this connection we are merely surviving on a planet that doesn't feel appreciated and cared for and that quite simply is a recipe for disaster. We are already beginning to see how our Great Mother is responding to our carelessness and her warnings will only amplify and intensify just like the power behind the energy that lifted my tent up. Heavenly Bracelet Shop is so much bigger than I ever thought. I am merely just a vessel for the communication between the Earth and us. The bridge that speaks in terms we can all understand so that we can one day live in harmony, on a deeper level with the Earth Magic that has been waiting for us to remember all along. Happy Earth Day!!!

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