Cleansing Your Crystal Bracelets

How do I cleanse my crystal bracelet? How do I charge my crystal bracelet? How do I get the most out of my crystals? Any of this sound familiar? Good then this blog is just for you!

There are many different ways to cleanse and charge your crystals and there really is no right or wrong way to do it provided its done with respect and purpose. There are a few exceptions like selenite, for instance, that cannot be put into salt water because it will disintegrate. But today we are going to discuss one powerful way, in particular, to cleanse and infuse your crystal bracelet companions once you have your babies in your possession.

After working with crystals for a while you might learn that some crystals do really well after being in sunlight (ex. tiger's eye, sunstone, turquoise) and some crystals do really well charging in moonlight (moonstone, rose quartz, amethyst) It has been my experience that each crystal will communicate with you directly how it wants to be cleansed and charged. The challenge is to learn how it communicates with you so you can hear its needs. Aha! But how do we do that?! Check out my other blog titled: Communicating With Crystals (coming soon) for more details on learning to communicate with your crystal companions.

One powerful way to cleanse and charge your crystal bracelet once you receive it is with a breath cleanse. We do this to infuse our intention and energy with the crystals' and clear away any energies from its previous experiences. Surely it's absorbed different energies before it found its way to you and because crystals have a consciousness we want to start with a clean slate before working with them. This is why Heavenly Bracelet Shop clears them energetically and infuses them with Reiki before shipping them to you but once you have it, you still have the option to cleanse and charge it yourself and that's highly suggested. In order to get maximum benefit and connection with your crystal it's suggested to cleanse and infuse your crystal for 7 days or aka create a bond. Whatever way you choose to achieve that is fine but a breathe cleanse and charge is powerful when first meeting your crystals. Remember: Cleansing and charging your crystals is a sacred experience between you and your crystal companions so treat it that way.

Breathe Cleanse & Charge

1) With your crystal bracelet on the floor in front of you. Sit in a comfortable position. With your spine straight, try to clear your mind. Take 3-5 deep breaths. Exhale 3x forcefully all that doesn't serve you.

Once you've cleared away any stagnant energy within, take another deep breath and blow on your crystal bracelet this time with the purpose of clearing away any previous energy. Do this 3x. Do not pick up your crystal bracelet yet. Allow the elements and your breath to free it.

2) Now bring your desire or intention into your mind's eye. It could be for healing, manifestation, inner peace, etc. Visualize your intention becoming a reality. Feel the emotions of having your intention materialized in your life as if it already has. Breathe it in. Embrace it. Take your time.

3) Now pick up your crystal bracelet and hold it in the palm of your right hand (action side) and stay completely focused on the feeling of your intention. Take a deep breath and blow on your crystal bracelet. Program it with your specific intention and your emotional energy. Do this 3x. Hold that intention with meaning and purpose. Allowing yourself the freedom to experience all of the sensations.

4)Once finished. Place your crystal bracelet in the palm of your left hand (receiving side) as a gesture that you are ready to receive its many teachings. By placing your crystal bracelet in your left hand you are opening up your energy to the energy of your crystals to which they will respond with the love and guidance you need to make your intention a reality. Slide your crystal bracelet onto your left wrist and Thank your crystals for their energy. You are now ready to work with your crystal bracelet and it's ready to work with you. Stay open minded and keep an open heart and be sure to observe all the teachings it's about to show you.

What to do after the cleanse and charge?

Since crystals speak to each individual in a different way and are individuals themselves, again there is no right or wrong way to work with their magic but there are a few things that are imperative to mention if we want to get the most out of our crystal magic.

Crystal magic works in harmony with our energy on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. In order to get the most benefit out of crystal energy we need to be in a place of self-reflection, self-awareness, emotional awareness and even awareness of our shadow side. A huge part of crystal magic is their ability to mirror back to us what needs to be brought up to the surface for healing and transformation so that we can manifest our truest desires and be ready to embrace all the change internally that comes with this. Because crystals are authentic in their energy and presence they will ask that we show up in our truth as well and will assist us in maintaining a state of authenticity. In order to make our dreams a reality we need to be ready for transitioning into higher states of awareness and healing. We need to be ready and willing to peel back the layers of all that holds us back from being who we truly are at our core.

Because crystals are living beings that amplify, energize, transmute, transform and memorize energy its crucial we are in tune with our deepest thoughts and feelings when working with them. They will be ready and willing to show you all you need to see in order to heal and rise above whatever holds you back from achieving your highest good. Without the awareness of ourselves we wouldn't be ready to embrace, transform and put in the work it takes to manifest our hearts desires. The first crystal we need to be working with is Ourselves and while working with crystal magic be sure you are working on your soul growth simultaneously.

As I've said before crystals work in harmony with our energy, so if we are in a state of willingness and openness they have the perfect environment needed to thrive and assist us in all of our endeavors. When we begin to think of crystals as companions and build a relationship with them, they respond by loving us unconditionally, holding space for us, protecting us and guiding us so we can achieve our goals. We need to learn to read between the veil of what's said to be real and what isn't, learn to tap into that magical side of our inner child so we can be free and open to explore all facets of what crystal magic has in store for us. When we operate from our heart center, we empower ourselves and become completely open to their teachings. Crystals will speak to your heart whether you want to hear it or not so simply surrendering to this truth turns the whole experience into a magical journey for you and your crystal.

There are 5 essentials needed when working with crystal magic and if you practice these with dedication and sincerity you will gain an immense amount of self acceptance and deep joy in your life. Rule 1: Trust your intuition. Rule 2: Keep an open heart and mind. Rule 3: Keep it simple, don't allow overthinking to contaminate your thoughts. Rule 4: Allow your imagination free range, do not sensor or judge it, just observe. Rule 5: Rememeber: Crystals are conscious beings so trust and respect their messages.

Cleansing and charging your crystal bracelets is a personal and intimate experience between you and your crystal companions. While they may just look like a bunch of little beads on a string, crystals possess an unlimited amount of knowledge and wisdom. There is no limit to amount of possibilities crystals can bring into your life when you just trust in their power. We too are like crystals and we also need to be cleansed and cared for so we can operate at our highest frequency for ourselves and humanity as a whole. Ultimately we are a part of the earth and the earth is a part of us, we must honor and respect this truth when working with crystal magic to unlock the secrets of our planet and consciousness. Crystals will be there to guide and assist us in whatever ways our hearts need them, they are on a mission too, to raise the vibration of the planet up to a higher level of love, peace and acceptance of all. We are all one. We are all connected. And we are all born from the same planet, Mother Earth. Namaste.

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