Standing With MSD

In the wake of all that has transpired over the last month with the Majory Stoneman Douglas High shooting, this blog is written out of pure anger and confusion as a way to try and make sense of it all. I'm aware that some people won't agree with my perspective and guess what, its okay. I'm not writing this blog to get facebook likes or followers, I'm writing it because it needs to be written for my own peace of mind.

Being so close in proximity to this tragedy has brought a whole new level of awareness into my life. An awareness about our school systems, government and our childrens' well being. As we all disagree over gun control laws I sit here amazed by the absolute disregard for human life. When did we become so disconnected from what's really important? Listen...I too support the right to bear arms but I also realize the facts. For those of us who are concerned about a government take over and use our right to have any gun we want in our possession, I challenge you. It used to be my belief that guns could actually protect us in a scenario like that but I challenged my own beliefs with this last school shooting. Let me say that again, SCHOOL SHOOTING. These two words shouldn't be together for any reason and yet they are. Let me ask you one thing in particular, for all of those with the belief that we should be able to purchase AR-15's. Do you really think that if the government wanted to take over an AR-15 would save you? Think about that for a moment really. Play it out in your head if you need to. I'll wait....

Apparently you are wrapped up in this cycle of fear for your own life while children are losing theirs. Selfish? Yes. I call it like I see it. An AR-15 won't save you from any kind of government takeover, nor will it save you from jesus's return, an alien takeover, a tsunami or a bomb. All of those conspiracy theories while they could totally happen, are a form of fear control placed by none other than fear loving corporations. Why? Because when we are in fear we disconnect from others, we shelter ourselves, we think everyone is out to get us. It keeps us from coming together in harmony and that is exactly what fear loving corporations want, division. For the sake of our species as a whole, Rise Up from this!!!

There are so many different ways to go about healing from this tragedy but the thing that bothers me most about it is the fact that children are finding it necessary to take other children's lives. This is disturbing on a level I still can't really comprehend. One problem is too much technology and crucial disconnect from human intimacy and interaction. 20 years ago when I was in school we didn't have mass shootings in our schools. Sure we had bomb threats that never transpired but if we had problems we dealt with it, outside after school. This was a healthy way of solving disputes between students. Now there's so much talk about not bullying, not touching others, that children are being robbed of the very right they need to toughen themselves up and learn about the importance of human life. Don't get it twisted, I'm not condoning beating other kids up to settle a dispute but I am saying that these children have no tools to cope with their emotions and they also have no healthy respect for other human lives. Hear me out. Getting into a fight and getting a bloody nose teaches a child, ow that hurt my physical body! It teaches them the pain that can come with being physically assaulted, it gives them a healthy respect for other's physical bodies. When we have this disconnect that no child can touch another child, even in a friendly way, we rob them of these necessary skills. Humans need touch to feel connected, its a reality. I'm confident that shit like this would of never happened in the 90's, why? Because we didn't have iphones and ipads disconnecting us from others. We had outside play, hanging with our friends, talking about our feelings, getting into trouble, getting hurt, learning lessons through fights and disagreements.

We shelter our kids and then allow them to play on their iphones and ipads so much it's killing them. Literally. Humans are not designed for this kind of life. We are designed to be in touch with nature, in touch with our feelings, in touch with our parents, in touch with our friends, in touch with our physical bodies and yet all of that is lacking in our children. Well most of them. Some of us know the importance of human connection and touch and are trying to raise children in a technologically advanced world which poses challenges of its own.

So many parents are seemingly forced to work long hours, come home and are too exhausted to deal with their kids. They expect teachers and aftercare counselors to raise their kids. This is not because they don't love their kids but because they don't have a choice in this crazed society of more, more, more. Everybody just slow the hell down! Where are we going so fast? Like I said there are a thousand different ways to rectify this problem but it needs to start at home.

There is a deeper meaning to why the mass shootings take place in schools. My opinion is that these kids are under too much pressure to perform academically and in the social media world that they miss the opportunity to just be a damn kid and make mistakes. They aren't able to get outside and move their bodies like we used to in the 90's because the staff is too afraid of being sued by parents if their child is hurt. It's absurd. All of it! Not only that but they come home to parents who are disconnected from their own kids because they too are on their iphones and ipads. (no I wont capalize the i in iphone autocorrect) Its sickening. I can't even tell you the number of times I observe parents picking up their kids from school while talking on their phones or texting as their kid tries to tell them about their day. It breaks my heart every time and I just want to yell at the parent, "Your child is trying to get your attention man!"

We need to make a conscious effort to connect with our kids nowadays, put our phones down, listen to their day, make them feel like their feelings are valid and important because if not we end up with children who feel like they are not heard, seen or validated and that creates a severe split internally for them. The empathy towards others isn't there, their feelings towards others isn't there and why? Because mommy and daddy never really showed them what that's like. To feel love, to be loved and supported and cared for. Not just to look good on the outside but to really feel love in the household. Children lacking this will go to any lengths to feel something, even if its negative. At least that way they would get some kind of attention. Ugh. It's so sad to me. I'd be interested to know how this kid Cruz was raised. How his parents were while they were alive. This is not to disregard the fact that this child is mentally disturbed but in actuality it supports it. What went on behind closed doors? Or what didn't go on behind closed doors? It's all how you see it.

All we can do is be an example. Surely some of us have forgotten this and expect our children to act right, know how to cope with their emotions when in reality we do everything but that by distracting ourselves. Do we even know how to deal with intense emotions? With our disagreements with others? With our inner demons? We medicate, over exercise, drink, have addictions to food, money, sex, television and our phones. Have we forgotten that our children are watching everything we do???

Have we lost the ability to hear their cries for help when they act out, need attention or just need a day off to cuddle and snuggle and get love from their parents? I think we have. As a whole the majority of us have and I hope this whole tragedy has shown us where we need change. I know it has for me. When all is said and done we are raising the future generations. Let's start acting like it!

The students of MSD are making me proud, they are tired of being put on the back burner. They are tired of being told because they're kids they don't know what's best. I support them whole heartedly and will continue to do so in the best way I can! March on kids! If the adults won't rise up then you take the reigns! A lot of us have your back and will support you every step of the way. Keep marching, Be fearless, you're already unforgettable and historic. Change is coming and it's coming hard and fast. Stay strong. Heavenly Bracelet Shop has your back along with many more!

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