Take Back Your Power With Crystals

As I lay my head on my pillow last night, the title of this blog kept running through my head, like a song it played over and over. That sometimes nagging voice of inspiration and purpose has started to make its way into my bedtime hours again and so here I sit this morning with the intention of writing everything I can think of about this topic because priorities. It might be wise to preface this blog by saying, not everyone will like what I write and everything I share is my personal experience and opinion. People are so easily offended these days that prefacing is more for myself so I can go on and say exactly what I intend to without sugar coating. Basically its about to go down in this blog.

Something has been stirring me on a deep level lately when it comes to all these healing and spiritual teachings I hear about everywhere. Don't get me wrong I love a good meditative yoga class or healing session as much as the next person but I also know the healing starts with me, not from what others tell me is best for me. It's been a constant inner struggle my entire life to listen to my own truth regardless of everyone else's voices telling me what should be done. So believe me when I tell you, I know the struggle of wanting to change and looking for it outside of myself.

The title of this blog is Take Back Your Power With Crystals but let me ask you something...do you really have what it takes to Own Your Power? Are you willing to do what it takes to Take Your Power Back out of the hands of society, your friends and family or even your healer? How many of us want to take back our power and spend endless amounts of money on retreats, yoga classes and spiritual teachings to get it? Yes guilty as charged.

Have you found your power through these avenues? Most of these teachings are banking on the fact that you haven't found your power and maybe never will if you just keep running around in circles. There are however some that do try to teach what it means to own your power but sometimes their teachings get lost in translation. And quite honestly from my own experience, not a lot of people want to own their power. It's easier to just go along with what someone else tells us to do than it is to take an honest inventory and figure it out on our own. But this is also why people don't get better and look to others to fix them. These teachings are meant to be a stepping stone if you will, it's not the teachers or healers that actually heal you! That responsibility lies with you. As a yoga instructor and Reiki practitioner myself, we carry on teaching and hoping to help others heal with the intention of not getting caught up in codependent relationships with our clients. It's a difficult path to navigate and at times I just throw my hands up and need to take a break! Don't confuse what I'm saying, I love helping others heal and grow, especially when that person actually wants to do the soul work it takes to transform. This is one reason why I use crystals in my sessions. They can assist where I cannot.

Before we go any further, its important we properly address what it means to Own Your Power. We also need to realize that for each person it will be a different path but at the core it will be the same. To own your power means to have freedom to honor yourself in any and every given situation. It means not shying away from your truth. That means when someone asks you to do something and you don't want to do it, to say No. That means when a friend, family member or colleague, for instance, tells you how things should be, actually taking the time to really listen to your inner voice to how things are for you. It means taking the time to uncover your own truth without the noise of others voices telling you who you are, what you're capable of, how to act, what to say and how to be. It means being brave enough to stand up for yourself when you feel you've been wronged, in whatever way you need to. It means not having to explain yourself and your actions but owning up when you know you've acted out. It means having the courage to dive within and figure out what your deep rooted beliefs are and to ask yourself if they serve you well. Owning your power isn't for the faint of heart, its dealing with emotions that have been pushed under for the majority of our lives out of fear that the pain won't end once its exposed. It's sitting in uncomfortable moments alone and realizing you have the strength to move through anything and everything life throws at you.Taking your power back isn't gained by going along with what everyone else is doing because it's cool or popular. It's understandable most of us want to fit in but is it really what's best for you? It isn't going along with a religion or belief because everyone else says its right but instead picking apart the pieces in your own heart and mind and building your own belief system. Standing in your power is a sign of warrior soul strength and is a path less taken. It's so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing and quite honestly is the spiritually lazy thing to do. We can start by asking: How do we really feel about our interactions throughout the day when we lay our heads down at night?

Enter- Crystals.

Crystals can assist in reclaiming your Power by teaching you to trust in yourself. They are capable of holding space no human can hold because they are pure loving energy direct from our planet that cannot and will not be changed by our thoughts and dramas. Crystals have been around since the beginning of time, their intelligence is ancient and as my favorite scientist, Nikola Tesla once said, "they are living beings". After working with their energy for over ten years, I believe this to be true as well.

A crystal holds a frequency that is unmatched by any other being on this planet. If there were a human being that could come close to their frequency it would be someone like Jesus or Buddah. They emit pure unconditional love and support. Crystals have been around for eons surviving and thriving, with knowledge we have yet to uncover or understand. Imagine the power and strength they hold for just a moment....They're survived meteors, floods, drastic weather changes, man and dinosaurs just to name a few. They were here before any other living being and hold the knowledge of all that came before and after them. They have a simple way of living that produces beauty just by being alive. As humans, we are intuitively drawn to their beauty and energy for a reason. We instinctively know they have something to offer us. We can gain an immense amount of knowledge from crystals if we learn to tune into their frequency. Just by simply wearing them on our wrists they give off a loving energy that triggers in us an ancient knowledge of spiritual survival. We learn that when wearing them we can get through anything with them at our side. They become our companions as we walk with them in our daily lives, programming them with our intentions and observing the lessons they teach us. A Crystal's main priority when it comes to humans is teaching us what we've forgotten, which is, how to stand in our power. They teach us that we are capable of healing ourselves of any and all ailments if we just believe in our own magic. Like them, they teach us that we are more powerful than we have ever been led to believe. When we work with their magic regularly we begin to unlock more secrets about our history and existence. They teach us how to connect to higher dimensions for healing and transformation. They show us how to hold an unconditionally loving space for others as well.

The limit to what crystals are capable of achieving with us is beyond time and space. They are Earth Magic, a magic we have yet to fully understand and materialize and they have the ability to refocus the entire planet if we just utilized them for their potential. But there's one thing we must do to work with their energy productively. We MUST come back into ourselves and begin to trust ourselves enough to hear their messages. We have to remain willing to communicate with them in a way we've been led to believe doesn't exist. We have to come with an open mind and an open heart and allow our imagination to guide us as we build a relationship with them. Only then will we open up to the natural magic and mystery that awaits us on the other side. Only then will we know what it's like to stand in our power, to honor our truth. Only then will we be capable of owing our power once we have the courage to trust our own intuition and inner voice. And that is the catch 22 of working with Crystal Magic. It works if you believe in yourself and your ability to transmute its messages. Crystals can and will teach you all you need to know about Owning Your Power and how to honor your true self. They've been thriving, surviving and honoring themselves for millions of years and they will continue to do so long after we are gone.

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