2018 Crystal Magic!!!

It's the turn of the New Year, 2018, is everyone ready with their resolutions and intentions in hand?!?! We've all had quite a ride this past year and surely most of us are ready to start anew with love in our heart and hope in our eyes. So many people around me couldn't wait to get 2017 behind them for whatever reasons and now, boom, here we are in 2018. Feel any different?

Let's make it count! This year will be different. I'm done with things that aren't good for me this year. Sound familiar??? Yea we all do it and while the New Year is a wonderful way to jump start our intentions it isn't always necessary to wait until then to do something different to better ourselves or change our lives. We can chose to rearrange any aspect of ourselves for improvement whether its the new year or just another manic Monday, we don't need to wait for a calendar to give us the green light. This is why Crystal Magic is so incredible. It can be used any day, any time of the year and in any place. Amazing isn't it?! Part of the reason Heavenly Bracelet Shop was created was to bring the magic of nature with you wherever you go.

In this blog we'll discuss ways in which you can use crystals to help assist in bringing your truest desires/intentions to life. It's a quick reference guide as well for anyone who wants to get the most out of their crystal magic. This can be used with crystal bracelets or tumbled crystals. I prefer to just wear my crystals that way they can be with me at all times working their magic as I move through my day. It's a super easy 4 step process that anyone can do! For those of you who are new to crystals this will be helpful in learning how to work with your crystal bracelets and for those of you who have been working with crystals a while this will be a nice refresher hopefully. Crystal Magic isn't something that can be taught in a classroom or written in a blog and although a lot of people try, including myself, all of it is ultimately guidance and encouragement. When all is said and done each and every experience will be personal and will take time and devotion if anything is to come of it. Crystals communicate differently with every single one of us, the key is to be open enough in the mind and heart to hear their teachings. Yes they all resonate individually with a certain frequency of energy i.e. certain chakras, love, inner peace, etc but they will translate differently to every person. That's part of their magic. There is no right or wrong way to work with their energy. Let this blog be encouragement to bravely trust your own intuition as you authentically learn how your crystals communicate with you. If you dare. This is my hope for anyone who wears Heavenly Bracelet Shop bracelets, is to get back in touch with the heavenly guidance we all possess through the help of crystals.

That being said we must realize that crystals work in harmony with our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. They are innately intelligent in a way we have yet to comprehend and will tune in to what our needs/healings are as opposed to what our sometimes selfish wants are. Its crucial to stay open to the messages and teachings they invite in us as we form stronger bonds with them. Lest I say, it won't always be rainbows and butterflies. But the reward will be tenfold. How can they do that if they're just crystals you might say??? While I'm not here to decode the natural magic of nature or make anyone a believer of it, it's a journey of inner world discovery and exploration as much as it is a natural world adventure. In a way its like love, you can't see it or measure it but you can feel it deep in your core. Crystals as humble as they are, their magic is palpable if we have the willingness to listen and learn.

Ok so let's talk about using Crystals for Manifesting our desires since it's the new year and we are all raring to go with our intentions!!

Step 1: Know what your true intention is. What I mean by this is, for example: You want to lose weight for the new year. Why? What's the real reason? Identify it. To feel healthier would be personal health. To look better outwardly might take a bit more digging. Are you not okay with who you are even if you don't look a certain way? Oh yea go there, take it to the core of what it is. To impress someone, do you have low self esteem? To fit into smaller jeans... This is all outside stuff so call it what it is. You might want to manifest Beauty/Health/Success but don't call it Enlightenment. Enlightenment would already be beyond the physical outward appearance. Just be honest and know your true intention, the crystals will regardless. Be as precise and simple as possible. For instance: low self esteem could break down to needing self-love, etc. Once you identify your true desire or intention, i.e. inner peace, success, money, love, passion or happiness etc. now its time to find a crystal that matches that real intention. (Get To Know Your Crystals Page can help or you can just google it) Either way find your crystal(s). Pay close attention to one or two you may be drawn back to over and over. The crystals might just pick you! It's usually how it happens for me.

Step 2: Set your crystals with that specific intention. First cleanse your crystals by either placing them in the sunlight, moonlight or saging them to clear any other energy from them. There is no wrong way to cleanse your crystals. (Sidenote: Heavenly Bracelet Shop crystal bracelets are all energetically cleansed and Reiki Infused and shipped to you ready to wear) Once cleansed, take a few deep breaths and hold your crystals in the right hand (masculine side or giving side) Intentionally send thoughts of your heart's desire into the crystals as you hold them in the right hand. Breathe life into your intention, feel what it would be like to have them be a reality. Bask in this for a few quiet moments, holding that intention there extended in time and space, real for those moments. Allow your imagination to be free. Keep breathing.

Step 3: Thank your crystals for holding your intention and all the teachings they are about to show you. Once you've completed infusing your crystals with your specific desire or intention send love and thanks to your crystals. This step is really important, showing appreciation to anything that comes from the womb of our mother gives it more power and magic. Bow by bringing both hands together into prayer and bring your third eye to the floor. Slowly rise back up and move the crystals over to your left hand (receiving side) placing them around your left wrist if wearing a bracelet or just hold and meditate from now on with them in the left hand. This opens your energy to receive the magic of crystals. Meditate if you choose. Once finished wear your crystals for as long and as often as you want.

Step 4: Keep the magic alive. You are now finished with setting the intention. Now that your crystal bracelets are all charged and cleansed, your intentions are set within them and you are ready to receive their blessings remember to regularly check in with the intention you set from the beginning. Infuse them with breath and moments of quiet contemplation to keep the magic of the crystals and your intention alive. You can repeat steps 1-3 or use your own intuition to work with your crystals on a personal level and see what you can learn and discover about yourself through the teachings of your crystals. Enjoy your new companions!

The beauty of Crystal Magic is it doesn't have a limit to the possibilities of growth and blessings in can bring into your life and it can take you to the deepest parts of your soul that need healing and acknowledgment. My hope is that this simple outline helps anyone who wants to explore what crystals are truly capable of when we form a relationship with them and realize how interconnected we are to mother earth herself. We can use all the help we can get when it comes to having our heart centered desires come to fruition. Personally it's my direct link to having my intentions heard by the universe and responded to. Some may resonate with the crystals' teachings and some may not, again each and everyone's experience with them will be different and there is no right or wrong way to use Crystal Magic as long as we remain respectful. Dare to explore aspects of yourself that keep you from growing, shifting and changing into the person you are happy to be and challenge yourself to heal and spread love and hope wherever you go. Let's start 2018 off right!

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