Pros and Cons of Healing with Crystals

Did I get your attention with that title? Good. As human beings we just love compartments or labels. It makes us feel safe maybe even in control to have a little place in our minds to put things/feelings. Good or Bad, Right or Wrong, Happy or Sad, Pros and Cons. What if good is just one end of the spectrum of bad and ultimately they are the same? What if being right is just another way of being wrong through someone else's perspective? What if Happy is indeed Sad on a different level, emotionally they feel similar at their core? Pros and Cons do they really exist or is it all just a fabrication to make you believe you are getting somewhere with things or lack thereof? Oh the questions we dare to ask ourselves when we are truly being courageous on our personal healing journeys. And if these questions make no sense to you yet I still encourage you to read on.

Today in this blog you'll be challenged to break the mold, by thinking a bit differently if you so choose. Dare I say "Think outside the box" or rather what box? Imagine there is no box. You'll be encouraged to drop all the labels and compartments that keep us feeling safe, even if its just for these few moments. Imagine what the world could look like without the need for control AKA labels.**Gasp** I may be ahead of myself but let's explore this anyway. Anything that makes me feel some kinda way or aggravates me is worth looking deeper into. There's always hidden gems to uncover.

Healing is not one of those things you can compartmentalize and neither are Crystals. Crystals Pros-they just are and do what they do. Crystals Cons-they just are and do what they do. Healing Pros-It just is. Cons-It just is. As much as we'd like to control the process one way or the other, healing has a heart of its own and so do crystals. When we are authentically in the throws of healing the darkest parts of ourselves, there is no control. We may cry at the drop of a hat over something that triggers a deep emotion about our childhood, we may be triggered into some major anxiety and panic without warning, we may also be thrown into new relationships that bring out all we need to face in order to truly heal. Whether we recognize that or not is completely in our hands. How aware are we as we move through our life? Do we dismiss our true feelings? Do we just keep an endless ammunition of labels about every interaction we come across or are we able to just allow it to be and reveal itself in time? If you're like most of us, you label it. I felt shitty today. I like that person but not that one. I have good thoughts or bad thoughts about this. Sound familiar? I'm going to let you in on a little secret. In order to truly heal and free ourselves from our past, this could be ancestral as well, we need to allow ourselves to lose all control. We have to stop thinking we know what's best and instead allow our emotions to guide us home. I know, I know we've been programmed to think this is a bad idea. Again dropping the labels today.

The thought of allowing ourselves to fully feel our emotions is probably terrifying for most of us and we may not even be connected enough to realize we have deep feelings about something. But is this really our fault? While I do believe in taking full responsibility for oneself this has an underlying cause. The problem herein lies with the labels society has put on this soul changing experience. A darkness has been cast over what it means to heal or better yet, not many know what it really means to do that. We aren't given the time and space to heal and when we "lose control" we are put on medications, placed in mental institutions or we just self medicate and create our own addictions to numb the truth that is trying to rise up. What would happen if we allowed it to run its course without all those distractions? Healing would happen, that's what.

We are so good at pretending everything is great, that we are happy and we may not even realize we operate out of our subconscious. This is precisely why some people continuously repeat the same lessons over and over, you know the ones, staying in the same type of relationship with the same challenges but never really changing much of anything, then hearing them complain about the same old thing. This is an example of operating from their subconscious. They haven't addressed their old wounds or even asked themselves why they keep repeating the same mistakes, instead they go through life detached from their true selves but as you can see it always shines through in some fashion. There really is no escaping it so there's no point in trying to.

Now I'd love to share a personal experience about healing that I've gone through. Crystals played a huge part in just holding space for me during this time. It was about two years ago and someone came into my life that triggered a whole domino effect of past traumas for me, to this day I still don't know the full extent of it but the layers have started to peel. I was thrown into anxiety and panic I've never experienced before and I definitely thought something was wrong with me. I grabbed my chunky piece of Tourmaline and my big piece of Rose Quartz and held them in either hand. Their energy started to calm me down and gently open up my subconscious. Crystals have a way of working with the energy of the person in possession. Like God who doesn't give you more than you can handle, crystals also possess this ability to know how much you can handle. Which I learned is a lot more than we think!

Information about what was causing this "episode" started to trickle in, slowly and deliberately it penetrated my thoughts and opened my subconscious. I started to see what all the fuss was about. It was childhood stuff that was buried so deep I had forgotten it was there. Sparing you the details of what its like to struggle with anxiety and panic I let myself fall completely, I stopped pretending to have it all together, it was a conscious act to surrender. Every day for what seemed like forever I cried in between yoga classes, during yoga classes, in the car, at the beach, over my journals, during songs and in my sleep. With each release I felt a little more freedom, less anxiety, less fear and a big part I contribute to my crystals being able to hold space and protect me during this time. People told me to consider medication but I knew that was only a band-aid and I refuse to numb myself anymore. I just needed people to support me in the way I felt was best for me to go about my own healing, which was to allow myself to stop trying to control the process. I figured out pretty quickly who I could count on and always had my crystals by my side. Mother Nature is an expert at healing the heart, just being in the presence of anything natural is enough for me. My point to this whole experience is I chose not to give in to the demands society puts on us to always be happy or to be put together all the time. Its an unrealistic expectation that we'll never adhere to. We are human beings with an array of thoughts and feelings, there is nothing wrong with this. There is nothing wrong with having intense emotion towards something or someone, there is nothing wrong with allowing oneself to fall or surrender. Yes it may not be the best time but really when is? Again no labels here, it just is what it is in the moment and all of it is okay. It takes a special kind of person to peel back the layers of the self, to explore all aspects, to sometimes stand on the edge of insanity or confusion and just have faith the truth will be revealed without the knee-jerk reaction to distract or deny anything that surfaces. Be brave, do it for yourself.

Healing with Crystals is a non-conventional approach to healing your soul and there are many layers crystals can assist you with on your journey. How deep do you want to travel? How much do you want to heal? And perhaps healing isn't even what you need but maybe acceptance instead? Just food for thought. Myself or no one else can tell you. It takes commitment to yourself to figure these things out internally and not just go along with what others think is best. We are all here trying to figure this thing out we call life. So drop the labels. Labels equal division between people, things, feelings, etc. Labels aren't necessary anymore and are being dragged through the mud more each day to which I applaud. Free ourselves of these divisions, terms that keep us separate from each other, instead grow and learn, helping others do the same on their path. Heavenly Bracelet Shop can personalize a genuine crystal bracelet for any type of healing you are moving through, our Reiki infused crystals can assist in raising your vibration so that authentic healing can take place if that's what your intention is. Check out our Deep Healing Collection if you are interested in taking your personal healing journey to the next level.

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