Stepping Into The Eye Of The Storm

Recently we've all dealt with some pretty drastic transformations in our world, whether on the east coast, west coast or anywhere else in the world. We've heard the cries of our planet if we are listening. Our Great Mother has consistently sent hurricanes, wildfires, tsunamis and earthquakes our way as a direct message to wake us the fuck up! Her energy is unstable and emotional, at a core level she is hurting and wants all of us to know about it. Like a mother that feels unappreciated and unimportant she is losing her grace. Sometimes it takes a hurricane or another natural disaster to get people to pay attention and she is succeeding with that.

From my own experience its nearly impossible to go through life changing events and not take a deeper look at our own internal state. As Hurricane Irma blew over I couldn't help but feel a sense of disdain in her wind tantrums, a sense of "well if they don't care neither do I". As a part of what I believe to be our planet's emotional state, she is feeling disrespect and wants to re-establish her superiority. As she blew through for what felt like a full 24 hours my mind and heart went silent and I was without a doubt merely existing in the present moment, a blessing in itself for most of us. Her fierce emotional state brought me into the moment I wished wasn't happening. Between the numerous tornado warnings or "cells" all around us and the sound of the wind and rain whipping up against the house, it felt like the twilight zone, so surreal. My eyes dilated, my heart raced and it forced me to ask myself: How many times have I dropped out of the present moment because I didn't want to experience what was happening in that moment? Too many to count. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I lay there that night trying to sleep and feeling powerless to the outside elements and anything that happened to my home during. Hurricane Irma stirred some deep emotion in me even before she came to Florida and quite simply it's my belief that was just what she intended to do. If we are honest with ourselves, each one of us has learned something valuable about ourselves during this media hyped up event. It was like a reality show I just couldn't stop watching, listening, waiting to see what my fate would be. Eventually we turned off the radio and just went outside to see for ourselves. Sidenote: We were only getting Cat 1 winds so don't think I'm suggesting going out during a crazy hurricane because I'm not.

Putting aside everyone else's opinions of what I should and shouldn't do for my family during the storm I learned a few things. The main thing being that I don't run from fear. I learned that when faced with what seems like a catastrophic event I stayed and not out of carelessness but out of the truth I felt in my heart and soul and down to my bones that my family and I would be okay no matter what happened. I learned how to listen to my inner voice even with all the noise of other people's opinions trying to drown it out. I also learned that it doesn't take much to survive, material objects became less important. I learned how to make the best of what seemed like a terrible situation and move through it gracefully. I also learned who my real friends are and where my energy needs to be directed in relationships.

This hurricane forced everyone in its path to unplug, another blessing in disguise. The main thing I remember of past hurricanes is people coming together after and the feeling of connection that resonates throughout the community, perhaps we all needed to feel that again. It was beautiful and not something that can be experienced from afar. Most people who have never lived through a hurricane considered my choice to stay reckless or stupid I'm sure but again other's opinions weren't warranted. I'm a born and raised Floridian, I know how to survive a hurricane. It was a choice I made for myself and my daughter because I knew everything would be okay in spite of what we were being told by the media and other people who lived out of state or evacuated. This instilled more confidence in my ability to listen to my intuition in times of high stress and fear. For this I am grateful. As for my daughter who is 7, she had a blast! She played with her close friends and did crafts, sang, danced and practiced tornado drills. The kids kept a lightness about it all and they seemed for the most part unaffected during the passing of Irma. They got to experience safely what mother nature is capable of and they have a healthy respect for hurricanes now. Its something I believe every Floridian should experience at some point in their lives and Irma was the perfect amount of intensity without being too scary.

While we still had power I created my Hurricane Irma inspired crystal bracelet and named it "calm during the storm" Made from Amazonite, Lavender Amethyst and White Turquoise crystal beads with a lavender Buddha head it was my solace for part of this experience. My trusty crystals always by my side. Everyone sat around and created something while the lights remained on and eventually everything went dark when the power finally went out. It's in these moments of darkness that we learn who we really are. It will show us our fears and shadows and its our choice to embrace them or deny them. I sat there in silence not saying much of anything while the worst of it moved through. It forced me into surrender, it made me aware of how powerless I truly am in the grand scheme of things and it made me forget anything that wasn't worth taking up my energy.

There is nothing like going through a natural disaster (although I've seen worse) and being acutely aware the entire time, not to mention being a mother now. It totally changed the entire experience for me because this time I had so much to lose if I made the wrong decisions. Thankfully the hurricane's eye wall didn't even touch land until it moved past us and her wind speeds slowed down but Irma definitely made her point. She took her time and moved slowly over the entire state. There were times when we went outside and just watched her fierce power and there were times when we tried serenading her with our singing. Not sure what it is about hurricanes and singing but it seems like I always end up singing outside during one, lol! My daughter and I hunkered down with one of my best friends, someone we felt completely safe with and we rode it out. We made as many jokes as we could think of to lessen the stress and laugh it out but when it got serious we got quiet. It was a beautiful example of becoming one with the energy we were experiencing and its hard to express all the feelings that took place over the span of those few days: we went from feeling powerless, to feeling humbled, to feeling sad and angry, to feeling bored or scared all in a span of about 12 hours, just to give you an example. When it was all said and done, we went outside to assess the damage and we realized how lucky we were. It looked like a war zone outside because of all the trees and branches that fell but the houses were still intact. We lucked out. Hurricane Irma spared us here in Cooper City and my house was completely untouched. When we pulled up into the grass to check it out there wasn't even a tree branch in my yard, I couldn't believe my luck!

This blog doesn't have much to do with crystals but I felt compelled to write about my hurricane experience because it stirred the pot of what I believe are many things to come for me. It has catapulted me into taking action towards merging earth elements with natural healing methods and so I continue with my work now with more purpose. Its also a way to release any unexpressed feelings behind this experience which turned out to be pretty traumatic for some people. I have always believed in something greater than myself, our planet, Mother Earth and after stepping into the eye of the storm, so to speak, I have been jarred with more respect and honor which will emanate now more than ever. My connection to the Earth runs deep, it always has and when she is distraught I feel it in my soul. Our planet is crying and angry that there is such a disconnect between us and her, we aren't heeding her more subtle warnings to pay attention and so now she's beginning to intensify. What some people don't seem to understand is she really doesn't need us at all and everything she does is for our benefit. We must be grateful and show our appreciation. If we don't get our shit together she's liable to take us out completely, wiping the slate clean and starting anew.

My intention for this blog is to encourage us to step into the eye of our own storms, no matter how scary it seems in the moment. To learn what we can from our darkest days and carry the light for the ones that follow. Our Great Mother is nudging us with tough love to heal ourselves and remember who we truly are. Only then can we feel connected to the magic and beauty that still surrounds us today. Once we realize that stepping into the eye of our own storm produces a requisite for our inner peace we will no longer be afraid of it and we'll thank Mother Nature for the example. Hurricanes are a powerful display of cleansing the planet of all that is unneeded and yes that includes us, we must know our place. When we open our hearts we too can experience a rebirth from the destructive power of our own internal hurricanes. So dare to step into the eye of your storm finding the calm in the center and discovering all the blessings that lie just beneath the surface. Heavenly Bracelet Shop's genuine crystal bracelets are always here to assist you by inspiring courage and fearlessness to walk through your own storms.

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