Crystals And How They Hold Space For Us

Here in this blog we're going to discuss what the term Holding Space means and how crystals are capable of doing just that for us. First we need to examine what the term Holding Space means. To Hold Space for someone or ourselves isn't as easy as some might expect. Most probably think to hold space is when we are just there hanging with someone while they discuss what's in their head and heart. And while that's a part of it, it's also so much more than that! To genuinely hold space for someone is when we are capable of being present without judgement or the need to want to fix anything being shared. It's when we can sit still in the presence of someone else's pain or pleasure without our own preconceived notions of what's right or wrong, what is or isn't and/or why things happened a certain way. It's when we can put aside all of our own beliefs, traumas or discomfort with emotion and be with someone else in their moment of confusion or clarity. There's a very thin line between confusion and clarity, confusion is when we don't want to see reality for what it is and clarity is when we see reality for what it is. So when we have one ultimately we have the other somewhere deep within, we might just need some time to uncover it, in essence we need to hold space for ourselves. Putting ourselves in another person's shoes so to speak and remain there for the duration of the time they need us is holding space. Empathy is an incredible tool for holding space, when you are able to feel another's pain as if it were your own, its one of the most beautiful healing qualities human beings possess but even that comes with baggage if we aren't careful.

So how do crystals assist when it comes to holding space? Well I'm about to tell you how they've held space for me during some of the most challenging moments in my life. Personally I believe in my ability to heal myself, that being said I choose to walk a path that others don't always agree with but in my search for inner peace, I've realized the only way to ultimately heal myself and find peace is to be able to hold space for myself. This can get murky at times and if we are someone who was never taught healthy coping mechanisms it can also get pretty chaotic. This has been years in the making for me on this journey and I'm finally coming to a place of being able to genuinely hold space for myself.

Enter-crystals. Each crystal holds a loving frequency from the womb of Mother Earth. I don't have to explain that she provides every little thing we need to nurture and grow healthy and strong. And wouldn't you know it she also provides us healing if we allow her energy in. As much as food or water is a necessity for our survival, so crystals are a necessity for my deep healing, as is being outside in nature, etc. I should preface this by saying not everyone will be ready for this kind of journey but if you are curious about it I encourage you to dig deeper (no pun intended). Crystals are capable of holding space for us in a way no human being ever could. You ready for another trip down the rabbit hole? Here we go. All human beings have a set of beliefs, past hurts, traumas, repressed feelings and morals molded by how they were raised, the environment they grew up in, etc. If they don't line up with our own morals and beliefs when we are openly discussing things that bother us or trigger deep emotion we can set ourselves up for being minimized, judged or worse closed off from another's connection. Don't get me wrong there are people who are paid to hold space for us and they're called therapists, which I believe highly in when we come to a cross roads and don't know where else to go but even then, a therapist is also a human being with their own issues and judgments. When we depend on people to hold space for us but realize they aren't capable of that, on an energetic level, we are restricting our own growth. When we are feeling vulnerable and also feel we can't be completely open and honest because we feel judged in any way or we feel the other person is uncomfortable, we may shut down or they may shut down, in the end persuading us to keep things at a surface level. Personally I can't live my life this way, I need connection and transparency in my closest friends. This is why I find crystals to be so helpful. Crystals aren't corrupted by society and don't respond from their own past traumas, they exist purely on love and authenticity, they emanate this beautiful energy that is harmonious to our bodies; physical, emotional and spiritual because they are Nature and when it boils down to it, so are we.They are small fragments of the Earth that are unfazed by human influence. There is a reason we feel so refreshed and relaxed when we are out in nature, near an ocean, near a waterfall, surrounded by trees, it's simply because our planet radiates loving energy, she is living and breathing just as much as we are. Some find this hard to believe because she doesn't speak in our language but I assure you Mother Earth speaks and if you listen close enough she will speak through her crystals. They are one way she distributes her loving, healing energy into our lives allowing us to use them for our benefit.

One example of a recent time when crystals held space for me is when I was moving through some pretty deep inner child work. There were triggers left and right for me in my life, it was overwhelming. It threw me into panic attacks for days and anxiety that didn't want to leave my side. Usually the first thing I do is put on my crystal bracelets during times like this but because this seemed to come out of nowhere I was spun and it took me a while to remember I had them there all along. One morning while laying in bed dreading the day to come I decided to grab my chunky tourmaline (grounding and protective) and a big pointed piece of Rose Quartz (heart healer beneficial for trauma) I held one in each hand and just began to breathe, in and out, protection and love, protection and love. I just kept repeating this phrase over and over and I eventually started to feel a sense of relief resulting from what I believe to be the two combined. For anyone who has held Rose Quartz and felt its energy, its beautiful, it re-instills self love and has a calming effect of the nerves. Tourmaline helps one feel grounded again, keeps negative energy away and is protective from psychic attack. From that day forward I took my power back, I realized I had it all along within me and the crystals reminded me of this by just being in the palm of my hands. This is the magic of crystals, the power they hold comes from our belief in them and the frequency they emit. I believe wholeheartedly in their power because I believe wholeheartedly in the power of Mother Earth. Its really that simple for me. Trust me when I say this isn't a blog encouraging distrust of people, some of us already deal with that but it is a blog emphasizing holding space for ourselves and as a result being able to openly discuss who we are with others because we have done some work internally, its all a process, trust it.

With crystals in my presence or around my wrist I feel a sense of peace and protection that no human being could ever give me, nor should I expect them to be able to. Crystals have helped me realize my inner strength, inner guidance, inner power to heal myself and they keep me connected to something bigger than myself, Mother Earth. With the level of insecurity that pulsates through our daily lives its a beautiful feeling to know at the end of the day that Crystals will be there just waiting to hold sacred space for me and anything I need to feel in order to continue raising my vibration. There is nothing better than feeling the support of Mother Earth and through crystals I receive that and so much more. Perhaps you are looking for a way to reclaim your inner power and while there are many ways to go about doing this, for me, crystals are one way to approach it and cut right to the core of self healing and self love. It's one way to take the power back into your own hands when it comes to healing the soul and exploring all aspects of the heart and mind, its a wild ride, one I personally wouldn't want to miss for anything! We are worth the time and effort to give love and healing to ourselves. It's been a magical journey using crystals to hold space and I feel so much gratitude that I am able to connect to the beauty of Mother Nature. Much love and light on your own healing journeys.....

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