Memoirs of Our First Event

After prepping for a couple months our first Heavenly Bracelet Shop event was upon us. As we drove to the location different thoughts raced through my head. Will people like the designs? Will they grasp the healing concept of crystals? Will the inventory sell? Will there be customers? It was all so new, something I had never done before. With my trusty friend by my side, we made our way into the building. We were really early and had a good laugh about the time we had left before it started.

Most people only see the product in its finished state and don't really understand the courage it takes to get to this point. Its vulnerable putting myself out there when it comes to anything creative, that's my happy place to be free and explore. Putting my crystal bracelets on display leaves the door wide open for people to critique and judge my most delicate creations. While I do understand its all apart of selling my products, it still doesn't change the fact that its scary. Lucky for me (said with slight sarcasm) it seems I'm on this constant subconscious search to do things that terrify me in order to liberate my spirit, so this was yet another level into myself. We just kept the energy moving as I observed these thoughts rolling around in my head and we started setting up. All my prep work paid off because we were done in 15 mins flat! Now what? After using laughter to lessen the boredom we felt while we waited, after about an hour the event was finally ready to start. All the vendors were set up and customers were starting to trickle in.

Our table is full of natural elements and crystals to draw people's attention, strategically placed at the entrance we awaited our first customer. Eventually our first customer arrived with a friend and mentioned she saw us online and wanted to come see us. This was so exciting!! They wanted to see Heavenly Bracelet Shop, that's us!!! She started to talk about herself a bit and disclosed that she recently lost her husband and was looking for a crystal that could assist in her healing. I directed her to the crystals beneficial for healing the heart and moving through grief. My eyes teared up as she briefly told us about her internal struggle. She must of given her friend the courage to speak up as well because soon they were both communicating what their struggles were. It was in this moment that I realized, OMG people are getting it! My heart flooded with joy and gratitude.

As the day pressed on more people stopped at our table and began pouring their hearts out. Another customer that stands out in my mind was a mother who lost her daughter to sickle cell anemia recently. She was looking to create gift bags, in honor of her daughter, for people affected by sickle cell anemia and she wanted to use my Heavenly Bracelets. My heart swelled even more. I told her we would be honored to be apart of something that amazing and we can work together to build exactly what she needs. Again I was in awe that people were actually grasping the whole idea of Heavenly Bracelet Shop. More people came and each time they shared something significant even vulnerable about themselves. Some were drawn to the feather on the logo and others were drawn to the crystal bracelets themselves. and one thing was for certain, the conversations at our table were not shallow or materialistic. instead they were deep and heart healing for everyone who was at the table. This is the whole purpose behind Heavenly Bracelet Shop. This is the reason I decided to bring it out into the public as scary as it was for me, there was a higher purpose, to bring people together on a deeper level. Somewhere in between the other merchandise being sold in the room something magical was taking place at our table and it was beautiful to witness.

While I am aware that my products are simply genuine crystal bracelets, on a deeper level they are so much more. People seem ready to talk about the things that trouble them, they seem ready to open their hearts and heal their wounds, they seem ready to expose themselves in a way that heals everyone who is present, they seem ready to ditch old belief systems that no longer serve them. Crystals will always be there to assist in restoring us back to our innate power and knowledge to heal ourselves. They hold a frequency only Mother Earth can give us of love, healing and protection. The healing properties crystals possess combined with the intention to dig a little deeper is what brings about authentic healing for anyone brave enough to share a piece of themselves. I've been walking this path for many years now, exposing my shadows, confronting my fears and really feeling my heartache and what Heavenly Bracelet Shop allows me to do is channel that healing energy into beautiful one of a kind creations for each of our customers. We've all had our trials and tribulations and its time we start sharing them so we can all feel the truth and connectedness that comes when we realize we are all One. Each and every one of us deserves to feel free. This is a day I will never forget. We look forward to our next Heavenly Bracelet Shop event and hope to see you there!!!

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