Tips: Designing Your Own Crystal Bracelet

So maybe you've checked out the website, you've seen endless different crystal bracelet designs and there is all this information about crystals and their healing properties. So wonderful isn't it?! But now what? Maybe you are more interested in creating your own intuitively guided masterpiece but don't know how to go about doing that.

Since Heavenly Bracelet Shop was built around the idea to inspire others to tune into themselves and build their own healing crystal bracelets, I'm happy to assist you!

The answers are quite simple and direct as is everything else at Heavenly Bracelet Shop. Wait for it: Put aside your thinking and instead follow your heart. The End. Just kidding. In all seriousness to "follow your heart" is usually said so simply but not always easy to do when some of us have been conditioned to do the opposite.

Tip #1: Get out of your left brain and into your right brain thinking or creative mind thinking. There are a few ways to tap into this right brain or soulful guidance and because crystals operate at an intuitive frequency, (as discussed in my first blog "The Magic of Wearing Crystals") its important to communicate with them on this frequency as well. It is not a communication of words but rather of intuition and feeling, imagination and color. Words, however, can be used to amplify their healing abilities and your own. Be sure to move into your right brain when choosing which crystals will assist your needs.

Tip #2: Open your heart. Feel which crystals are speaking to you intuitively. Keep your intentions clear. Challenge yourself. If you are more of an emotional/intuitive person this avenue will probably work wonders for you. You most likely already trust your feelings and intuition and often just KNOW when something is right for you. Use that ability here as well when choosing your crystals to create your own bracelet. We won't expand much on this tip because trusting your instinct is key when building your own healing crystal bracelet and ultimately when moving into a place of genuine personal power. We encourage you to do your own thing and trust your intuition. Just make sure to take the time to reflect on your choices and perhaps challenge your self in an area you haven't before. Its all about soul growth and expansion in the end anyway. Example: You want to release negative beliefs, an awesome place to start but maybe as an added benefit you could choose a crystal that also releases core beliefs at an ancestral level so you can heal it from the source from which those negative beliefs arose. Sidenote: Charms are also personal and symbolic and can ignite as much power as the crystals themselves when used with intent.

Tip #3: See which crystals are visually appealing to you. Be aware. Trust you are being drawn to them for a reason. Trust the visual information you receive. Be mindful. If you are more of a visual person than this route will most likely work best for you when choosing your crystals. As you browse through the site take notice of which bracelets draw your attention. Do you love the way a certain crystal looks? Maybe its the contrast of two crystals paired next to one another? Take note of them both. Pay close attention to the colors and how they feel as you look at them, what they stir for you if anything. Notice exactly what it is you like about a certain crystal bracelet. Is it the crystals themselves, the charm or maybe even the background in the picture? All of these are subtle ways your soul speaks to you. If you are drawn to the earthy scenery behind the crystal bracelet for example perhaps you are in need of some grounding, stability, security, safety and support from the Earth itself. Any of our black crystals will assist you with that as well as our red or root chakra crystals. These are all small factors that can play a role in how you choose to build your crystal bracelet. Be mindful, conscious and aware of all the visual information you get. Remember: it can be as complicated or as simple as you'd like. The next step would be to discover the name and meaning of each crystal you are visually drawn to and take it from there. Set aside some time for reflection and build your genuine healing crystal bracelet with intention and purpose.

There is no one size fits all with Heavenly Bracelet Shop, in more ways than one and there are no simple answers to how you need to design your own genuine crystal bracelet. Heavenly Bracelet Shop is daring to be different in the way that we are encouraging you to do the digging and find your own answers. Healing takes work on a soul level, that is, if we genuinely want to rise above whatever has been keeping us down. Of course there are meanings to guide you in our "Get to Know Your Crystals" page but ultimately when building your own crystal bracelet it needs to be personal and sacred to you and only you.

Tip #4: Trust Yourself, tune out distractions and dare to explore what your soul genuinely needs. Be honest. Be authentic. Keep your designs sacred and meaningful.

From my own experience I can tell you that too much left brain thinking can get in our way by over-analyzing things that aren't helpful to the soul's growth. Its crucial we come to design our healing genuine crystal bracelet with an open heart and mind, take inventory of ourselves honestly and courageously and ask what our soul needs to keep expanding, healing and ascending. We mustn't be afraid to peel off the masks we've worn on the outside world for so long. We need to allow our vulnerability its day in the sun and allow our walls to drop down long enough to embrace our truth completely, whatever that may be. By utilizing crystals and their energy to set our intention for healing we set ourselves up to receive maximum support from the universe and everything in it. We rely on Mother Earth's power to gently hold space for us while we heal and grow in a way that benefits us and everyone around us by placing the power back into the hands of the infinite.

All genuine crystals used at HBS are meant to inspire people to delve back into themselves and their own path to personal growth. Crystals have extraordinary healing properties that hold space for us when we move through anything challenging or traumatic. They don't judge us, they don't do anything but exist and yet they give us a sense of safety, peace and support. Crystals help establish a clear cut path back home to our soul and with no ability to take away from the full expression of the feelings or challenges we may be facing. This in turn allows us to truly heal. They assist in establishing a sense of safety within that some of us may have never experienced.

Some may think relying on crystals to assist in healing is a bogus idea, but to me its the perfect way to reclaim our personal power when it comes to our innate ability to heal ourselves on every level. That is not to say other forms of healing aren't beneficial as well but just that the use of healing genuine crystals is one of my personal favorite tools.

Here at Heavenly Bracelet Shop we hope everyone can open up their minds and more importantly their hearts to taste the magic that drips from our very fingertips. Since everything is in fact energy our healing, personal growth and advancement will depend upon our belief systems and thinking patterns. In order to elevate our consciousness it is necessary to shed the layers that no longer serve us. We can use crystals to assist us in this journey as we move toward living a more heart centered life. We hope you enjoy your journey into making your very own genuine healing crystal bracelet. If you need any additional assistance please feel free to email:

(CLICK on image to return to "Get To Know Your Crystals" page.)

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