Animal Spirit Energy 101

Some of us may of heard the phrase "Animal Spirit" at one time or another or maybe its a new term for you, however, you found your way to this blog and so get ready to explore this term a little deeper. Animal Spirit Energy is raw and powerful, most of us can benefit from merging with that kind of force. What does it really mean to have a connection to an animal spirit though? What's all the hype?

Animal Spirit Energy is a powerful way to call upon our own instincts. Down the rabbit hole we descend again, no animal pun intended. Let me say first that I am delighted to hear people using this phrase more often since it demonstrates their innate connection to nature and it also gently stirs the instinctive power we all carry within us.

In order to understand Animal Spirit Energy we have to be willing to get down and dirty in a sense. Animals act out of pure instinct for the most part, although I do believe they are evolving consciously as much as we are but that's a whole other blog entirely. Okay back on track, its pure instinct that drives animals to survive, to thrive, to live and to reproduce another day on this planet. They don't ever stop to think "Am I doing this right? Am I living in the moment? What will happen tomorrow?" They live purely in the moment. Animal Spirit Energy Lesson 1: stay in the moment, live in the now. Act instinctively.

But how do we do this when we live in a world that moves so fast and can be overwhelming with distractions, demands and deadlines? Perhaps think of the way an animal lives its life. They thrive in nature, surrounded by natural elements that sustain them somehow, someway everyday of their lives. They trust in Mother Nature to provide, they trust in themselves to provide, they trust without even realizing they trust because they are pure souls that don't have the capability to overthink things. Animal Spirit Energy Lesson 2: Trust in yourself and your resources, don't overthink and get out in nature!

So how do you know if you have an animal spirit? How do you connect with one? There are many ways to go about doing this but the most organic way is to allow your animal spirit guide to pick you. No animal is too big or too small, all of them carry messages to assist us at certain times in our lives. For example: Maybe you've been seeing a woodpecker every single morning as you are getting into your car for work. It seems to be banging its little beak on a tree right outside your front door in your line of sight every morning for the past 3 days. Coincidence? No. So what could that woodpecker possibly be trying to get through to you? Well if you are like most people you'd probably disregard this encounter and not even consider that it has a message for you at all but I encourage you to look deeper. Maybe the sound of its beak drumming on the tree, is reminding you to take up drumming or listen to some drumming music, which is grounding and healing for the spirit. Native American drumming preferably for healing. You can start by asking yourself: Are you feeling off balance? Moving too fast? Do you feel your feet when they touch the ground and I mean really feel them? Do you feel centered? The woodpecker also a bird that scales the trees and flies in a swooping motion. Do you feel free to fly from place to place without constrictions? How do you move through your life? Are you graceful? Do you swoop and dive? Observe all aspects of the animal, the woodpecker in this case.

We have to take the time to notice the way these animals move, what they do, how they hunt and how they live their lives. Yes this means more time in nature is beneficial but there are other resources where you can gain information of any power animal. How you take the time to observe and learn about these beautiful creatures is irrelevant, what's important is that you take the time to do it. There are sites where you can actually look up the meaning of each animal which I do recommend in the beginning of connecting with your animal spirits. These are all simple but profound ways to read the messages any animal may be trying to convey to you, they don't use words so we must use feeling, intuition and body language to communicate. All you have to do is set an intention to connect to its energy and you'll know its successful when you feel elevated sensations in the physical body. Messages will vary from person to person and each experience into merging with your animal will be different as well. Animal Spirit Energy Lesson 3: Lean into your instincts and intuition and allow yourself to feel free. Don't dismiss the messengers of nature no matter how small, they speak to us always, be mindful. Tune in. Listen. Observe.

Another way that an animal spirit could be trying to connect to you is when you keep seeing certain pictures of a specific animal over and over, or you see jewelry with that animal or a poster or a t-shirt. When there are repetitive signs of the same animal that's usually a strong message that a certain animal spirit wants to connect with you. Will you listen?

Then there is the intuitive way to know when an animal spirit is connecting and that's when you just know; deep down you've always connected with a particular animal or you just have a feeling that this certain animal is your Animal Spirit Guide. Note: Your animal spirit guides can change over your lifetime so don't limit the amount of animal energy you may be connecting with.

There are many different paths to take when connecting with Animal Spirit Energy and there is no right or wrong way to do it. Use your childlike innocence and imagination to lead you and you will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Since this is only Animal Spirit Energy 101 we won't get too far down the rabbit hole today but these are good pointers on how to start tuning in to animal spirit energy. We have guidance right outside our front doors, out in a park, on the beach or up in the sky or tree. By tuning our antennae back into the sounds of nature we tune back into our natural state which is harmonic and when we listen to the animal messengers we gain insight into ourselves. So I challenge you to dig your claws into the earth and hold space so that you can hear what messages are trying to be shown to you. Be mindful and notice which animals cross your path or come into your mind often, notice what instincts or feelings they stir for you and observe the natural magic that patiently waits for you to interpret its meaning.

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