Contrasting Crystals

What makes Heavenly Bracelet Shop different from other crystal bracelets? If I had to narrow it down into one phrase it would be; Contrasting Crystals. Usually we see these beautiful healing crystal bracelets in new age shops or yoga studios with one, maybe two different crystals on a single bracelet and while they are magnificent in all their beauty Heavenly Bracelet Shop has taken it a step further. We have taken the idea of contrasting and applied it to the designs of our crystal bracelets.

Contrasting crystals is an interesting way to merge light and dark into one beautiful creation. All crystals have their healing properties and none are considered "dark" in any way, shape or form. Heavenly Bracelet Shop has taken the idea of lighter colored crystals and darker colored crystals and paired them next to one another for maximum healing benefit. The two beside each other or in a particular pattern assists in balancing out anyone who wears it. For example: someone struggling with anxiety and panic attacks would benefit greatly by wearing a bracelet or necklace made of Rose Quartz and Tourmaline. The two couldn't be more opposite in color since Rose Quartz is a light pink and Tourmaline is a black crystal but they work beautifully together to hold space for the person experiencing anxiety and panic. Rose Quartz is beneficial for unconditional love towards oneself and others, its a gentle heart healing crystal and Tourmaline is beneficial for protection, feeling grounded and soothing intense emotion. So we can see how the two of these together would amplify healing for someone who needs it. Not to mention the contrast is stunning.

I'm about to take you down the rabbit hole, so stay with me if you so choose.

We live in a society that is so contrasting on every level and most of the time we refuse to acknowledge the goodness that comes out of what we label a bad or dark situation. Everyone has a shadow side but what we fail to recognize is that until we confront and love that shadow aspect of ourselves we will not find true happiness. We will run around thinking "staying in the light, always think loving thoughts" is the way to reach a state of bliss. I'm here to burst your bubble and tell you that its not, that's not reality. We are human beings with emotions that are meant to guide us through our lives, yes even the ones that get labeled negative. There is no such thing as being happy all the time without denying our truth. In fact, to try and be that is exhausting and stunts spiritual growth. The only way to ascend to a state of true bliss is to merge both aspects of oneself and realize that we need one in order to experience the other. We cannot feel a deep joy unless we have experienced a deep pain. For anyone who has ever experienced deep joy we know that it can borderline on the feeling of deep pain as it is that intense. So they are one in the same ultimately but for purposes of this blog we will keep the labels.

Heavenly Bracelet Shop designs bracelets around the wearer's needs so its as unique as the person wearing it. Yes they are much like any other crystal bracelet but with the added intent behind them to bring an awareness to all aspects of who we are as individuals, it's a visual reminder. You probably just thought it was a pretty bracelet right? Told you we were headed down a rabbit hole. Nothing is done without meaning and purpose at Heavenly Bracelet Shop.

Contrasting crystals is the foundation on which Heavenly Bracelet Shop was formed and I see now why it felt so important and necessary to create these crystal bracelets. Merging light and dark is crucial if we are to evolve as a species and raise our consciousness. We are all in this together and if these bracelets can bring a sense of peace, acceptance, love, protection or strength into the hands of those who wear them then I am honored to be a part of that elevation of consciousness. We all just want to be accepted, loved, comfortable in our own skin and truly happy with who we are on a deep level. It's up to each person to infuse their own intent into their healing crystal bracelet but it's nice to have a little token of magic on our wrist or around our neck that reminds us of our true nature. We must remember that no matter what we have done in the past or what mistakes we have made, all of us are magnificent in our own right just by merely existing, just like these beautiful crystals. My hope for all who wear Heavenly Bracelet Shops accessories is that we find authentic happiness, liberation and peace in this lifetime.

(Click on image to experience some of our contrasting designs, our signature crystal bracelets)

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