The Magic Of Wearing Crystals

Everything is Energy. We all know this, science has proved this already for us. In order to understand crystals we have to think in terms of frequency and energy, which isn't always easy to do since society has trained us to only believe in what we can see. But for anyone who has felt the wind blow their hair, we know there are energies that exist in this world that we can't see or touch but we can feel.

Crystals are here to assist in retraining our minds, bodies and souls to tune back into our own natural power and magic. We won't get into conspiracy theories but let's just say our power has been distracted away from us in one way or another. Some of us have forgotten the ability we have to heal ourselves. Crystals are here to remind us of that. They operate on what I like to call intuitive frequency.

Have you ever been drawn to a certain crystal or you just couldn't put it down? That specific crystal was calling to you on a frequency only your soul could hear. Surely at that point in your life it had some significance to you or you wouldn't of been so drawn to its energy. Sometimes we aren't even sure why we feel so pulled toward a certain crystal but when we take the time to research specific meanings and dig a little deeper, it can be a life changing experience!

Our planet is as ancient as the stars above and within her is much wisdom and healing. In order to tune into her vibration we must come with an open heart and an open mind, remembering our personal power. We must be feeling and sensing our way through life or at least be open to the idea of that, this is how the channels of communication open up between us and the natural world. She can't speak to us when there is a ton of distraction in our lives, she can't speak to us when we are staring at the screen of our I-phones. She speaks to us in stillness under that beautiful tree you love or at the beach or anywhere there are natural elements present. Its an unseen energy for which we must use our hearts to feel. This is where crystals come in to play. To me they are like little pieces of magic Mother Earth leaves for us to find and use to our benefit and healing. She knows when we heal ourselves, we in turn heal her, so it's a win-win situation.

So how do crystals heal? Crystals assist in healing us by merely existing, they have a natural frequency that is harmonious and are undisturbed by the thoughts of humans. Quite simply they are capable of holding a safe and loving space for our personal healing. When we tune into nature we automatically become more balanced in mind, body and spirit. Science knows this and is beginning to study the healing benefits the natural world has on us.

By wearing crystals on the body or having one in close proximity to us they vibrate this natural state of symmetry that our bodies can attune to. Crystals help restore our physical, emotional and mental bodies. Not only do they carry a frequency of harmony but they also stand as a reminder to the wearer.

When using a crystal for healing you must first set the intention in the mind and heart to heal yourself. Observe what thoughts come up behind the idea of healing yourself. Do you feel capable? Do you believe you will heal? If you don't believe in this ability maybe its time to address why you feel that way? Has their been a loss of personal power?

This is precisely the magic of healing with crystals. If you work with their energy honestly and openly you will without a doubt come up against some interesting questions about yourself that you will need to answer in order to ascend on your journey.

By having a tangible object that holds properties that assist in your personal healing it catapults your frequency forward into a state of self actualization and realization of the parts of you that need your attention most. If you are open and willing to see all of who you are on a soul level that is when your healing will begin.

In order to move through gracefully we must first identify at a core level what needs to be brought up to the surface for healing or acknowledgement. Crystals assist in gently bringing those things up for us so we can address and accept all aspects of ourselves, which in turn creates harmony in the mind, body and spirit. Truth be told, at first it may not feel that way but consistently honoring both the light and the dark within is the quickest way to reach what many have defined as bliss. (For more on this subject check out my blog on "contrasting crystals") It is then that you will feel whole and complete on your own and that my dear is true bliss.

The magic of wearing crystals is tenfold and if you believe in nature's ability to bring you back into harmony then crystals will be a wonderful addition to your everyday life. You can get as complicated as you'd like or keep it simple but nonetheless they will do their job. They will exist ever raising the frequency of the planet whether you utilize their magic or not. Everything they have to offer is pure and genuine and having these tiny pieces of magic on my wrist help me feel a deeper connection to nature. It's like taking nature with you wherever you go. This brings a sense of peace. They exude love and healing in their raw beauty and authenticity. They empower. The magic of wearing crystals is an intimate and personal journey, one that will positively affect your life in ways only your soul will comprehend.

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