Contrasting Crystal Bracelet Collection was created out of the sheer passion to bring contrast and crystals together, its the foundation of HBS. The dark and light crystals paired together represent the merging of our own dark and light, as a result feeling liberated to be ourselves fully. Our angel wing is representative of freedom and protection for all who wear them. As with all our crystal bracelets they are Reiki infused. For more info on the idea of contrast check out our blog on "contrasting crystals". More info below.

yin/yang meanings

   The symbolism of an angel wing is personal to everyone who wears it but here are a few attributes they represent here at Heavenly Bracelet Shop. 

  They represent protection and someone always watching over you. 

 Angel wings symbolize a lightness of being and are the expression of the soul and its aspiration towards transcending the human condition. Angel wings are related to the cognitive faculty, imagination, thought, freedom and victory.  

  Heavenly Bracelet Shop thrives on bringing joy, happiness and peace into the hands of our customers through the use of genuine crystal bracelets and our signature angel wing is a reminder of our intention to help others heal. 


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