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This Rainbow Hematite and Lava Rock Crystal Bracelet is made with 6mm genuine crystal and lava rock beads on secure stretch magic elastic. Lava Rock calms intense emotion, grounding, a stone of rebirth and assists in shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment. Fosters a deeper connection to Mother Earth. Can be used as a diffuser for essential oils as it absorbs the oils. Each color represents something different: black-protective, indigo-third eye connection and green-healing. Rainbow Hematite assists with balance, clarity, using emotion and imagination to move forward in life and brings peace. Grounding the energy it brings you to a place of pure joy in life and helps you accept the passion that comes with living in fullness. It creates a barrier of protection for all chakras and roots you deep into the energy of Mother Earth. Helps balance all chakras. The Hamsa symbol represents no harm can come to you and is a protective symbol, keeping negativity at bay. This bracelet is a serious grounding and protective crystal bracelet.

All crystal bracelets are Reiki Infused and energetically cleansed. Shipped to you ready to wear.

Rainbow Hematite & Lava Rock Crystal Bracelet

  • Do not submerge in water if possible, while most crystals will hold up just fine some are sensitive to salt water and/or chlorine. To prolong the life of the bracelet itself keep away from heat and do not overstretch.